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Lens Tint Descriptions

  • Indoor - Outdoor

    This new lens tint offers protection for indoor as well as outdoor situations. While the tint does not change when walking in or out of direct daylight, it does offer a lens that is darker than a clear, and lighter than a smoke lens. Great for the person that is "on the go".

  • Vermilion Lens

    Use to block "glare" or "blue light" and improve contrast. Ideal for examination of metal and/or glass products and recreational activities such as shooting...

  • Anti-Fog Lens

    Great for humid environments or when moving from one extreme temperature to another...

  • Amber Lens

    Amber lens "illuminates" environment in low-light indoor conditions. Ideal for all Quality Control inspections...

  • Smoke Lens

    Greatly reduces eyestrain in outdoor sunny environments. Perfect for a wide variety of outdoor activities.

  • Mirror Lens

    This styling has enhanced lens color. Reduces eyestrain in outdoor and sunny environments. Also works well with outdoor activities.

  • Copper Blue-blocker

    Copper blue-blocker lenses not only provides protection for ultraviolet light but actually improves vision by selectively filtering specific blue light wave lengths. This benefit is especially helpful in hazy or foggy conditions.

  • Orange Lens

    This high vis orange lens "illuminates" the environment in low light situations. Works well for target shooting and other activities where clarity is at a premium.

  • Welding

    The 3.0 and 5.0 green lenses are designed to be the darkest lenses available in safety glasses. They work great for light gas welding applications and when working in the vicinity of arc welding.


  • Infinity Blue

    Commonly used in indoor applications where there is an excessive amount of yellow or sodium vapor light, offers a high level of contrast.

  • Blue Indoor - Outdoor

    Clear UV400 Polycarbonate lens provides 100% protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. Coated with a light blue mirror finish to reduct glare. Commonly used where it is required to move between indoor and outdoor applications. Note: The lenses are very, very lightly tinted with a bluish color and the lenses do not change from light to dark when moving to differently lighted areas.

  • Coffee (Expresso lens)

    Commonly used in outdoor application. Offers protection from excessive glare and high levels of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. Best for enhancing depth perception.

  • Light Green

    Commonly used in indoor, low light applications to enhance contrast.

  • Antique Gold

    Gray polycarbonate lens with a brownish gold mirror coating. Commonly used in outdoor applications to reduce glare.

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