Lens Tint Selection Guide
  • Clear
    Indoor work lens. 87% transmission of light.
  • Yellow
    Low light situations and night driving. 84% transmission of light.
  • Red
    Overcast day lens for enhanced contrast. 40% transmission of light.
  • Amber
    Overcast day lens for enhanced contrast. 15% transmission of light, also a blue blocker lens.
  • Brown
    Blocks out blue rays which cause eye fatigue or stress. Brings out warm colors. 14% transmission of light.
  • Smoke
    Standard for shading eyes. 12% transmission of light.
  • Mirror
    For bright light situations. Mirror assists in reflecting excess rays. 13% transmission of light.
  • Blue Mirror
    For bright light situations, reflects light. 11% transmission of light.
  • Rose Mirror
    For bright light situations, reflects light. It is a warm color for eyes and has blue mirror coating inside to eliminate light leaking from the side or reflected off the face. It is also our darkest lens. 8% transmission of light.
  • Aqua Precision
    Previously called Revo Technology was designed by NASA to act as an equalizer to tone down intense light and enhance weaker colors. Most comfortable lens on eyes. 15% transmission of light.
  • G15
    Designed by the US Air Force to maximize transmission of light at 555 nanometers (green and yellow light). Provides the best contrast and image definition while offering a cooling sensation to eyes. 13% transmission of light.

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