OSHA Class 2 Lime Construction, Roadside Vests

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Examples of workers who use Class 2 apparel:
  • Forestry operations
  • Ship cargo-loading operations
  • Roadway construction, utility and railway workers
  • Survey crews
  • School crossing guards
  • High-volume parking and/or toll gate personnel
  • Airport baggage handlers/ground crew
  • Emergency response and law enforcement personnel
  • Trash collection and recycling operations
  • Accident site investigators
  • Railroad inspection and maintenance crews

OSHA Class 2 Lime Construction garments are intended for use in activities where greater visibility is necessary during inclement weather conditions or in work environments with risks that exceed those for Class 1. Roadside vests in this class also cover workers who perform tasks that divert their attention form approaching traffic, or that put in close proximity to passing vehicles traveling at 25 miles per hour or higher.

  Lime Class 2 ANSI Surveyor Vests  
Class Two Level 2
LIME Safety Vests with Silver Stripes

Standard Fabric

Mesh Fabric

The Lime ANSI Class 2 level 2 Surveyor vests are designed for traffic areas over 25 mph but under 55 miles per hour. The vests are constructed with a soft and flexible polyester material. These vests come with 2 pockets on the outside, and 2 pockets on the inside.
The Lime Class 2 Surveyor Vests is our top of the line ANSI safety vest.

  • 2 vertical stripes and 1 horizontal bands of 2" reflective material
  • Material can be washed
  • Comes standard with a zipper front but can be ordered for the same costs with a velcro front enclosure (minimum order for Velcro front is 12 and allow a 1-2 week lead time)
  • Available with hi-gloss 3M silver stripes, but can be ordered for the same costs with orange stripes (minimum order is 12 and allow 1-2 week lead time)
  • Meets ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 and 107-2010 recommendations for Class 2 safety garment.
  • Flame retardant material   Click here for more information  
  • Made in USA
  • Can be imprinted with company logo
  • Available in a solid material and a mesh material
  • Come standard with two outside and two inside pockets.

Mesh Fabric Detail
Standard Fabric Detail

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OSHA Class 2 Lime Construction, Roadside Vests