Applying Decal to Helmet

The first thing to remember when applying the decal to a helmet is the helmet is rounded and the decal must be GENTLY manipulated to fit its curve. The decal consists of three pieces, the clear transfer tape on top of the decal, the decal and the backing paper.

  1. Clean helmet.
  2. Determine where to place the decal on the helmet, use centering marks if necessary.
  3. Cut around graphic, leaving approximately inch.
  4. Peel backing paper away from approximately half of the graphic and clear transfer tape. (Keeping the backing paper over part of the decal, helps in preventing the decal from attaching to the helmet in an unwanted area!)
  5. Center decal over helmet, press center of decal onto surface.
  6. With one hand pressing the decal from the center outwards, gently tug the clear transfer tape edge you're working towards taunt, holding it about an inch from the helmet.
  7. Slowly work towards first edge of decal, when finished with first section of decal, peel another section of backing paper, and start from the center and press outwards again in another direction. Do this on all four sides, SEPARATELY .
  8. If a ripple occurs, gently press it towards an open space in the decal while still attached to the transfer tape. If need be, lift the transfer tape with the decal, cut between decal section, and reposition that section on the helmet.
  9. Some decals have dotted cut lines. Cut on these lines during the application process to ease the fitting to the curve of the helmet.
  10. Slowly pull off transfer tape.
Have fun with you new design and be safe out there.

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