Aluminum Hard Hats
   Suspension Installation Procedure

Illustrations shown are for a full brim hat.
Installation procedure is identical for a cap style head covering

Hat Nomenclature
  1. Mounting rivet (one of four) for attaching suspension (shown with rubber protective cap). Remove and discard rubber protective cap before attaching suspension.
  2. Paper label towards back of hat.
  3. Crown reinforcement plate.
  4. Engraved label at front brim of hat.

Suspension Nomenclature
  1. Head straps.
  2. Main suspension band.
  3. Forehead cushion.
  4. Metal clip.
  5. Tension knob.

Questions and Answers

Q: I'm confused. I hook the metal clips of the suspension onto the hat mounting rivets but when I put the hat on, the hat sits way high on my head and the suspension is outside the hat. What am I doing wrong.

A: This is a common mistake. You have omitted one step installing the suspension.

Solution: There is a plastic tab between the metal clip and the suspension band. That plastic tab has to be folded along the scored line (like a V) so that the metal clip is actually facing the opposite direction than before it was folded.

Refer to illustrations below:

Q: When I put the metal clips of the suspension on the mounting rivets of the hat, they don't stay on.

A: Some clips slipped through the factory quality control without getting a bend put in them. That bend creates tension on the clip/mounting rivet so as to hold it on.

Solution: Using a pair of pliers, make a slight bend in the metal clip. Do not bend too much or it will be hard to slip the clip onto the mounting rivet. Be sure to bend the clip in the direction as shown in the illustration.

Refer to illustrations below:

Q: I can't tighten the suspension anymore. I turn the tension knob but it won't stay in that position.

A: The knob is loose and can easily be tightened.

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