With new Swing Ratchet Suspensions.

  • 360-degree perforated sweatband enhances comfort
  • Correct positioning assured
  • Easy to use, comfortable and stable
  • Fas-Trac® Ratchet Suspension's nape slide feature

For the greatest degree of protection, a helmet should always be worn with the brim facing forward. However, for those times when you need the option of turning your helmet around, MSA's Swing- Ratchet Suspension is the answer. The Swing-Ratchet Suspension easily converts MSA's V-Gard®, Topgard®, Thermalgard®, and Skullgard® Caps and Hats from the normal wearing position to the reverse without removing the suspension.

Illustration showing the Swing Ratchet in normal position, cap bill will be foreward.

Illustration showing the Swing Ratchet in reverse position, cap bill will be toward the back of the head.

Ideal for use with welding hoods, faceshields, goggles and more.
Ideal for Ironworkers working high.

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