MSA Swing Ratchet Suspension
The only self-adjusting reversible ratchet suspension.

The Swing-Ratchet Suspension easily converts your V-Gard®, Topgard®, Thermalgard® or Skullgard® hat or cap from the normal wearing position to the reverse wearing position without having to remove the suspension!

The Swing-Ratchet has a 360° perforated sweatband to enhance comfort.
  • Self-adjusting crown assembly
  • Self-adjusting slide
  • 360º Padded Perforated Sweatband
  • Reversible Ratchet Napestrap

Ratchet in normal position.
Bill of hat is forward.

Ratchet in reverse position
Bill of hat is toward the back of the head

Tight shot of ratchet adjustment knob.

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