Hard Hat Maintenance

Cleaning your hard hat and suspensions:

The hard hats with or without logos can be cleaned with simple soap and water, or by using a damp towel. The plastic suspensions can be cleaned similarly; however, most modern suspensions some with a sweatband in the front or back of the hat. These sweatbands can be gently washed by hand, but they probably won't last as long as the hard hat. Several universal brow pads are available at an economical price.

  • Replace your hard hat when:
    • Cracks appear in the shell.
    • Shiny surface appears dull or chalky.
    • Shell becomes brittle.

  • Replace your Suspension when:
    • The suspensions become brittle
    • One or more of the mounts break off
    • The suspension will no longer hold securely to the head
    • The cradling straps break or become worn
Inspect your hard hats before and after each use. Although there is no set service life for hard hats, manufacturers recommend replacement after no more than 5 years.

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