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ABC Safetymart is offering free ground shipping over $500.00 on most of our products. This special applies to all products except gloves, rainsuits, and Gatorade due to the extreme weight of these items.

Your online resource for safety information, safety tips, and other safety resources.
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 General Information   Ordering Information   Overview   Shipping Information   Using The Website 

  How do I place an order online?  
  How do I return or replace an item?  
  Can I get discounts for large quantities?  
  How can my company apply for credit terms?  
  How can I become a reseller?  
  How much do I have to order for it to be freight paid?  
  How do I contact the purchasing department concerning new products and services?  
  Will my on-line order have a sales tax?  
  Is there a minimum order amount?  
  When is the sales department open for calls?  
  What payment options do you offer on the Internet site?  

How do I place an order online?

Placing an order on the Internet site is extremely easy. Once you locate the product you are interested in, just type in the quantity you desire in the order blank. If you need to specify a size or color on your product, also use the drop down box to specify your choice. Then click the corresponding "Buy" button.

In order to determine the shipping, the site will immediately ask you where the products will be shipping. Go ahead and type in your shipping zip code, choose your desired shipping option, and click "submit your choices". If you would like to order other products, you can use the back button on your browser and continue shopping. Once you have added all your products to the shopping cart, hit the button that says "Check Out Now".

You are now almost finished. The site will ask you if you live in Texas. We need to know this to see if any sales taxes apply. Then choose your payment option. Finally, fill out all the information on the order page (We need to know where to ship the products and the credit card information). Once your information has been entered, just click the button "Submit Secure Order." If all the data is correct, you will immediately receive a confirmation of the order. If there is something that needs attention, the site will let you know. That's it. We receive the order in a few minutes. When it ships, we will send another confirmation with a tracking number.

How do I return or replace an item?

ABC Safetymart offers a 100% guarantee on the quality of your products. In you need to return any products, we will give you a complete refund for the cost of the products not including the shipping costs. If the product is defective or if it's our mistake, we will also credit back the shipping cost. In addition, returns are sent free of charge in most cases.

If you need to return or replace an item, please send us an e-mail for a return authorization. We'll send you back a number within the day. Simply print out the e-mail or write the number on the package. Be sure to remind us who you are, and what you would like to do.  

Send package to:

ABC Safetymart
4400 Danhil Drive
Brownwood, TX 76801
Attn: Returns Department

We want to make sure all of your orders meet your satisfaction. If there is a problem, please just let us know.

Can I get discounts for large quantities?

You bet!!! The site is configured with price breaks and automatically determines your price with the quantity you type in. Also, we will combine the smaller quantities to meet the minimums. For example, you can order 12 different safety glasses, and still get the 12-35 unit price. If you mix and match the products, we will make the price adjustment at the office before processing the order. The computer doesn't have that capability (yet).

The ABC Safetymart site also has a special site set up for our wholesalers with one low price. Basically, the "dealer" site is a mirrored site that is password protected.   Click here  for more information about becoming a wholesaler.

Finally, if your company is between the wholesale price and the retail price, we can offer you last column pricing for your orders. See figure below. Please just give us a call in order to qualify.

How can my company apply for credit terms?

There are a couple of ways to apply for credit. The simplest way may be to apply online with our secure server. It a simple one page online credit application form at this link:  

Also, at this link we have a print out version that can be sent in for a quick approval. Of course you can also give us a call, or just send the purchase order. Generally, we can approve and send the order in the same day.

Our credit terms are the standard 30 day terms. At this time, we can only accept terms on companies inside the United States unless otherwise approved.

How can I become a reseller?

To be qualified as a reseller, and hence use the "dealer" resell site, you can qualify online or give us a call. You will need to be approved in order to get the password to use the wholesale site. Generally, you can be approved and orders can be sent out within a day.   Click here   for more details.

How much do I have to order for it to be freight paid?

That's a good question. Generally all orders on the Internet site over $500 are freight paid. This does not include glove orders, powder drink, and rain suits. Basically, these products are very heavy and difficult to ship. These products are freight paid at $1500. We are flexible with mixed orders and will do what we can to keep the shipping costs down. The good news is that Internet orders are tax free outside of our home state of Texas, which more or less covers the cost of the freight.

How do I contact the purchasing department concerning new products and services?

If you are a prospective vendor, please send us your information by  e-mail  or snail mail first. Our first priority is taking care of our customers, so calling may not be effective. All information will be examined, and we'll follow up with items that interest us.

Will my on-line order have a sales tax?

That's the beauty of Internet shopping. All orders are tax free as long as they are not delivered in Texas. All Texas residents have a 8.25% sales tax. Sorry fellow Texan's, them's the rules.

Is there a minimum order amount?

On the ABC Safetymart site there is not a minimum order. You can order one piece or a thousand. We welcome orders of any size, and will do our best to treat our individual customers with the same professionalism as large industry. After all, we want to build our business one person at a time. Since everyone has friends and co-workers, their referrals are our best compliment.

When is the sales department open for calls?

The sales department is open from 8:30 to 5:30 Monday through Friday for your sales calls. In addition, we generally have someone at the office on Saturday morning and afternoon. If you need immediate attention please just leave a message, or drop us an  e-mail  . We monitor them throughout the weekend.

1-800-646-5346 Toll Free

What payment options do you offer on the Internet site?

The Internet site is extremely flexible. It accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, mail in checks, and also purchase orders. In addition we can also set up wire transfers and COD's in certain circumstances.

Once your order has been added to the shopping cart, simply hit the checkout button. It will ask a few simple questions, and then ask you for your preferred payment option. See figure below. Just choose the one that fits, and fill in all the shipping information. For mail and fax in orders, go ahead and print out the order form and submit the order. Once you submit it, the site will send us a tentative order so we can prepare for quicker delivery.

 General Information   Ordering Information   Overview   Shipping Information   Using The Website 

800-646-5346 Toll Free