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When lifting heavy objects, back supports are the safest way to prevent back injuries such as sprains, strains, disk conditions, and other lower back syndromes. Back belts improve posture and prevent irregular movements of the body. In addition, back support belts can also help to create a stable comfort area with the use of lumbar supports; as well as, serve as a physical reminder to use proper lifting techniques. We offer back supports in many styles and designs for maximum comfort.   Click Here  for more info.

Due to the increasing problem of carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive motion injuries, wrist supports have become a major concern in many ergonomic safety programs. Wrist supports encourage neutral body position; as well as, work to improve good wrist and arm mechanics. They have two categories including the semi-flexible support that will allow some movement and the immobilizing wrist support that offers no movement. We offer a wide range of wrist supports to fit each situation.   Click Here  for more info.



Anti-Vibration/Impact/Lifting gloves are designed for protection of the hands through the use of a pre-curved design that fits the natural contour of the hand. The Anti vibration impact gloves are padded for protection against damaging vibrations in a work environment. In addition, the lifting gloves improve grip to the hands and aid in the protection against minor cuts and scratches. These gloves are available in a full finger, fingerless, and with several types of materials for maximum comfort.   Click Here  for more info.

The elbow support is a good way to improve discomfort from tendonitis. The support compresses the muscles and cartilage to help increase warmth and circulation, which in turn reduces the pain. The elbow support also relieves symptoms of some chronic conditions and when used in conjunction with tennis elbow straps they can reduce pressure and strain. Lastly, the elbow pads can also protect against bumps and bruises. Available in neoprene elbow supports, and in elbow pads with a hard plastic cap.   Click Here  for more info.



Knee supports and ankle supports are used for stabilization, compression, and comfort. They are made out of a neoprene material, which provides heat for increased circulation and warmth. Increased circulation reduces edema, which makes tissue more pliable. Softer tissue means less chance of injury due to quick movements. The knee and ankles supports are useful in work and other vigorous activities.   Click Here  for more info.

We also carry a wide variety of knee pads. They are offered in a wide range of styles and applications, which are designed for maximum comfort, support, durability, and abrasion resistance. Primarily, the knee pads are use in the construction industry, as well as many occupations that must work low to the ground. Choose from non-marking hard capped PVC pads, soft knee pads, and many more.   Click Here  for more info.


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