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Neck and Indoors
  • Avoid twisting and bent neck for extended while working
  • Avoid working or lifting above shoulder level
  • Avoid excessive reaching when able
  • Reduce repetitive movements
  • Keep back straight when lifting or in bent positions
  • Get help with excessive weight
  • Use help with large or awkward shaped objects
  • Stand and stretch when seated for an extended period of time
  • Use caution for repetitive movements such as lifting, bending, pushing and pulling
Arms and Wrists
  • Avoid excessive flexion and extension of wrist more than 15 to 20 degrees
  • Keep elbows away from body while working
  • Avoid contact to forearms and wrist
  • Use proper glove with vibration tools
  • Use caution with repetitive movements
Hands and Fingers
  • Use correct tools for the job
  • Use gloves with vibrating tools
  • Avoid over excessive pressure on the palms and fingers
  • Avoid hammering blows to the hand
  • Avoid awkward postures
  • Keep hands warm during cold temperatures
  • Use caution with repetitive movements
Legs and Feet
  • Avoid chairs that restrict circulation by compressing the hip and knee joints
  • Use caution on any floors that do not adjust
  • Avoid heavy contact stress with the workstation or other material
  • Avoid standing on hard floors for an extended period of time
  • Use caution on uneven or slippery floors
  • Use caution with repetitive movements
  • Use protection against excessive noise
  • Use proper lighting
  • Avoid excessive temperatures (Hot or Cold )
  • Always check and maintain the proper equipment
  • Be sure to get the proper training

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