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  • Laboratory tested NRR 20dB Class BL
  • Conically shaped pods made of silicone swivel for easy alignment and entry into ear.
  • Worn under chin, it will not interfere with hard hat or glasses.
  • Band for placing around neck helps prevent loss and is ideal for intermittent use.
  • NRR 20 when worn under the chin.

E·A·Rflex™ Foam Tips

  • Hinged headband twists to provide multiple, custom-fit, wearing positions.
  • Can be worn over-the-head, under-the-chin, and behind-the-neck.
  • Laboratory test NRR 25dB - in all three positions
  • Canadian Class Code AL.
  • E-A-R Foam™ foam pods offer high protection and flexibility
  • Tapered pods are washable, replaceable, hygienic and dielectric
  • NRR 25 when worn under the chin

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EAR Hearing Banded Earplugs