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Show your team colors on the job or at the game. These MLB baseball team hard hats are the perfect addition to the sport fanatics game day apparel. Since the hard hats meet the requirements of OSHA as per ANSI Z89.1, 2003, Type 1 Class E Standards. the hard hats can also be worn on the jobsite. Adjustable for head sizes 6 1/2 to 8. We carry most teams in stock for immediate shipment.

The Wincraft hard hats offer tough, lightweight protection and a patented shock absorbing suspension. Comes with anti-glare peak and is slotted to accept attachments! Individually packaged in display box.
In addition, two types of replacement suspensions can be purchased separately at the "BUY" buttons below.

Complies with ANSI Z89.1, 2003, Type 1 Class E Standards

Item # Price
Team Quan.
ml-1019hh $26.00 $25.00 $24.50 $24.00

Item # Description Price
ml-2718499 Replacement Pin Lock Suspensions
to fit Team hard hats
$5.50 $5.25 $5.00 $4.75
ml-12910010 Replacement Ratchet Suspensions
to fit Team hard hats
$7.50 $7.25 $7.00 $6.75


  • Some pictures may have some distorted colors, for example, the white may look yellow or orange. This is only the lighting, not a mistake on the hard hat.
    In addition, the manufacturer frequently changes the team or hat design.
    While the design might change before we can put the new pics up, they will be customized to match the team identities.
  • At this time, we do not carry the Montreal Exposin stock.

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